Who are the Autism Network N.I.


About us

 We are a Charity set up by Parents /carers and those who were given a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome; before the internataional revision of the diagnostic critia for Autism took place.

Our Experience comes from living with a child/ young person or adult with Autism spectrum disorder and or caring for someone who has the condition.

 Our Expertise comes from working closely with Psychologists and Psychiatrists working in both the private and public sector throughout Northern Ireland.

 Our work has gained us recognition from The Department of Health, Department of Education, Health Boards, Health and Social Care Trust personnel and professionals in the field of Autism/ASD.

 We have forged good working relationships with other Disability charities and parent/ carers organisations throughout the province.

We have tirelessly worked towards gaining suitable and appropriate supports for both those with Autism/ASD and their carers.


Looking forward

The information contained on this website has been designed to give you a basic understanding of Autism and Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and relevant information you may need prior and after diagnosis.

It takes many of us time to come to terms with a diagnosis of Autism/ASD; and time to realise what support we and the person with Autism/ASD may need.

We hope that the information on this website will help you understand the condition, what help & support is available from the Autism Network N.I. and what the person with Autism/ASD is entitled to; when and if they need it.  

Give yourself Time to understand how this diagnosis affects you, the person/child with Autism/ASD and the family.

Then read about the condition, either on the internet or books and assess what support the person with Autism /ASD may need; and then what support you may need as a parent now carer.

Take this step by step. One step at a time.

There is no rush as Autism / ASD is a lifelong condition.