Independant Assesment - Speech & Language

There is no rule that says you cannot ask or pay yourself for a second opinion.  In 1991 the Government published a Patientís Charter, which has been updated and includes a patientís right to ask for a second opinion in the U.K. and Northern Ireland.


This right is problematic when dealing with education boards/authorities. In Northern Ireland it would be best to first get your local health care trust to accept the findings of a private therapist.

This is due to the difficulties many parents/carers have experienced with the acceptance of private/independent reports by education boards/authorities.


If you obtain an agreement from your Health trust that the independent report is correct it will be given more consideration by the Education boards/authorities.


This is particularly important when making a request for a statement of Special educational needs.

If you cannot gain agreement from the Health trust, the Boards MUST make reference to a private/independent specialists report, and if the Board does not agree with the private/independent specialist advice it must give details as to why it does not agree.


To access information on Independent speech and language therapy browse the web-site this website appears to have the contact details of therapists through out Northern Ireland and the U.K.


To access information on independent Occupational therapist browse the Association of Occupational therapist Ireland website @ then click on private practice listings.



Contact the British Association of Occupational Therapists @

Click on "find an OT near you"

then click on

"COT Specialist section Ėindependent practice"

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